5 Toys Copper Can’t Destroy

I don’t know about your dog, but mine sure loves his toys! Copper almost loves them too much and the toys ended up destroyed. He will skin a tennis ball in less than five minutes. He has been gifted multiple “foxies” that have had their stuffing pulled out and scattered around the house within one day.  Buying toy after toy just to watch it get destroyed immediately is frustrating (and expensive). Below, we have listed the five toys Copper can’t destroy. All the toys were purchased from either our local Pet Supplies Plus, Petco, PetSmart, Target, Chewy, or Amazon.

  1. Kong: a rubber toy that is shaped like a cone and has lasted years in Copper’s toy chest.  We have size medium of the classic version, but the toys come in sizes XS to XXL.  Copper has one inside Kong and one outside Kong to play with. He loves when I stuff the Kong with treats and peanut butter. When I have guests over, I prepare a Kong for Copper to keep him entertained for atleast an hour.
  2. Nerf Football: Copper loves this tough and rubber Nerf Football.  He even posed for some cute pictures with it during the Super Bowl to support his favorite team (the Atlanta Falcons, ofcourse!)
  3. Chuck it! Rubber Ball: Copper will play fetch with this indestructible ball for hours if we let him! The Chuck it! Ultra Rubber Ball was one of the best toy purchases we’ve made.  The ball comes in bright orange and blue to make it easy to spot (especially at the dog park) in the grass.
  4. Nerf Squeaker Ball: This ball is a new addition to our household and it has quickly become a favorite of Copper’s.  This 4” Nerf Squeaker Ball  is durable and easy to grip for both humans and pups.
  5. Kong Safestix: This bendable “stick” is made of durable plastic that comes in 11.5, 20, and 27 inches.  Copper can entertain himself with this interactive toy, but also likes to play fetch with his Kong Safestix

Does YOUR dog have any toys that they can’t destroy? Share with us!


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