State Park Sunday

I am a big fan of state parks and South Carolina sure has some of the best.  I already discussed how cheap and convenient state parks are on my post about 10 Budget Friendly Adventures and this weekend I used my own advice.  On Sunday, I traveled to Chester State Park with a dear friend.  We wanted a “girls day out” and decided to head to the trails after a delicious brunch at The Wired Goat (if you are from the Columbia area and haven’t been to this café before, I highly recommend it!)

Chester State Park is located halfway between Columbia, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.  We hiked the two mile nature trail around the 160 acre gorgeous lake.  I elected not to bring Copper along for two reasons: I was unfamiliar with the trails and my fear of Copperheads during this time for year.  But now that I’ve experienced the trail once, I feel comfortable bringing Copper along next time (most likely during the fall or spring).  The trail was flat and well-marked.  Pine trees lined the path and provided some much needed shade.  This is definitely a kid-friendly and dog-friendly trail!

Nature Trail around the Chester State Park Lake

There is a lot to do at this park and it is definitely worth the drive.  Check out the park’s many amenities such as great fishing spots (for bass, bream, catfish, and crappie), numerous camping sites, boat rentals ($10/half day), a massive disc golf course, geocaching, bird-watching, huge playgrounds, and picnicking areas.  You certainly won’t run out of the things to do here!

View of the lake from the boardwalk

An upcoming program event that you may enjoy is the Twilight Paddling this fall on September 5th and October 4th.  Enjoy a guided tour of the lake on either your own canoe or one of the park’s rentable canoes.  What a great way to enjoy autumn in the South!

Imagine the leaves on these trees in the fall!

Chester State Park blew me away today and definitely opened my eyes to the wonderful state park system we have here in South Carolina.  If you are ever in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by this gem of a park– I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Where did YOU adventure this weekend?

Does YOUR state have any parks you’d like to brag about? 

*all facts for this post were gathered from the following source: South Carolina Parks


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