Asheville Review

The race:

This weekend we raced the Asheville Off-road Series at the Biltmore.  The race was organized by iDaph Events and they put on a great race! I ran the 10K trail run and my other half biked the 20 mile gravel grinder.  Both courses were really hilly, but was totally worth the hard work it took to get the top! The views of the Biltmore and the surrounding mountains were breath-taking.  I definitely caught myself saying “Wow!” out loud and thanking the Lord for allowing me to run in this beautiful place.  The courses were a mix of paved path, gravel road, and dirt trails.  The race organizers provided free post-race snacks and even handed out free beer!

Even the finish line was on a hill!

The race began at Antler Hill village and continued around the west side of the Biltmore.  We raced past cow pastures, blooming sunflower fields, and the rolling French Broad river.  The best part is that you get to experience parts of the Biltmore that visitors do not! All of the volunteers were friendly and helpful.  I definitely recommend participating in this race next year, we are even considering the duathlon.  If you prefer longer biking distances, the race also offers  40 mile and 60 mile events.

The food:

On Saturday, we explored downtown Asheville and were a little overwhelmed by the numerous food options.  And this wasn’t even our first time in Asheville! There were so many great restaurants to chose from (what a good problem to have!) We finally decided on Farm Burger on Patton Avenue.  I had the Vegan Burger (I stay away from dairy before a race) with a side of sweet potato fries and my other half had the Farmboy Burger with a side of pimento cheese fries.  Both were delicious and we were beyond satisfied! For dessert, we had the Black Cow (coke float) and the Apple Butter Milkshake (highly recommend, its seasonal).  Farm Burger also had a great beer list, but we decided not to drink since it was the night before our races.

After the race on Sunday we stopped at one of our favorite places,  Sierra Nevada Brewery, located just outside of Asheville.  The atmosphere at Sierra Nevada is so unique.  You can take a brewery tour, sit outside by the fire pit, enjoy live music, explore the gift shop, stroll through the Beer Garden, enjoy farm-to-table food, and try craft beers.  For lunch, we had the: pretzels and pimento beer cheese, Joyce Farms chicken wings, and the flatbread.  Our drinks were the BFD-Beer For Drinking and the J. Christoph Riesling. All of it was tasty, I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on their menu!

The stay:

We used Airbnb to find a safe, reasonably priced, and comfortable place to stay overnight.  We found a cute farmhouse about five minutes from the Biltmore gate.  This was so perfect for us since the race started at 7:45am!

If you need anything specific recommendations about where to stay in Asheville, feel free to send us an email and we would be happy to share our experiences!

Have YOU ever been Asheville? Where did you eat and stay? Share what you did in this great North Carolina mountain town! 





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